Quality Policy

BSV ELECTRONIC, S.L.’s Quality Policy is the framework to establish the objectives of improvement of the Quality Management System and it is structured in the following points:

  1. Product delivery deadline compliance or the response time to any inquiry by the client, including negotiating with suppliers.
  2. Absence of incidents in the product, both purchased and manufactured.
  3. Ease of use, configuration and installation of the supplied product.
  4. Price competitiveness in the sector. Both with the sale fee and in the purchase cost.
  5. Charge of the total of sales made.
  6. Product personalization and adaptation for the client.
  7. Continuous technological improvement, covering all the demanded benefits, the product’s reliability and the sector’s novelties.
  8. Clarity in the labeling and composition of the product.
  9. Documentary control of the product and its traceability.
  10. Complete and quick information to the client.
  11. Specific knowledge of each company employee’s job position.
  12. Continuous improvement of processes, parameters and quality indicators.
  13. Compliance with applicable legislation.